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The Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Work Group meets Wednesday in the first of its two public forums, and is requesting public comment on the future of its 10-ferry fleet. 

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Unalaska schools reopened today under the Unalaska City School District's Smart Start 2020 plan. The district is holding a "soft opening" with a limited number of students attending classes for the first three days. 

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In the wake of recent tsunami warnings across Coastal Alaska, and especially here in Unalaska, where over half of the city's tsunami sirens aren't functioning, emergency preparedness has been on the minds of many Alaskans.

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The Ballyhoo Mountain Run wrapped up last Friday, and—while no records were broken this year—according to Chris DiGiro, sports coordinator for Unalaska's Department of Parks, Culture, and Recreation, the event brought a good turnout of participants.

"It was a solid turnout in terms of people who registered," said DiGiro. "We had the same amount of people who registered this year as we had last year. So I mean, that's fantastic." 

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Recently, rocks have been popping up all over Unalaska. This might not sound surprising, considering this is an island with countless rocky beaches. But these aren't just any rocks; they're rocks painted with images of peace signs, octopuses, foxes, and eagles.

After weeks of investigation, talking to locals, and creating ISO posts across social media platforms, I finally discovered where these rocks were coming from and what they were doing all over our parks, sidewalks, and public facilities.