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Hope McKenney/KUCB


Election Day brought 624 Unalaskans to the polls.

The state Division of Elections still has to canvas 197 early, absentee, questioned and special needs ballots cast in person in Unalaska, as well as the ballots submitted by voters who applied directly through the state to vote early or absentee.


Unalaska's preliminary results are below. 


Hope McKenney/KUCB


It's Election Day, and the polls are open in Unalaska.

143 local early and absentee voters have already cast their ballots at City Hall. And their votes will help determine the presidential race, as well as decide who represents Alaska in Washington D.C. and who controls the state legislature.

"That [number] does not include the number of voters who applied to the State Division of Elections to vote early or absentee via mail or electronic transmission," said Unalaska City Clerk Marjie Veeder.

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As Election Day approaches, we’re checking in with voters around the state, asking what issues matter to them most — and who they’re supporting for president.

Yesterday we heard from Julie Tisdale, a Trump supporter in Anchorage.


Tonight we hear from Bill Briggs of St. Paul. Briggs is 60. He’s lived in St. Paul for 10 years, and manages the island’s seafood processing plant. And he is definitely not on the Trump train.