Stories from the KUCB Newsroom on the topic of crime. You can find the Unalaska Department of Public Safety Police Blotter here:

Berett Wilber / KUCB

The trial of a teen who allegedly used a handgun to threaten another teen in Unalaska last July is underway.

The incident was first reported to adults in August following Rachel’s Challenge – a program created after the Columbine school shooting to reduce violence and encourage compassion and communication in schools.

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Unalaska's annual Easter egg hunt did not happen this year because people collected the eggs before the event began.

Recreation Manager Albert Burnham said a large group of people showed up at Tutiakoff Field while Department of Parks, Culture and Recreation (PCR) staff were setting up for the event.

"By the time we realized what was happening and were able to get out there and try to get it stopped, most of the eggs had been gathered," said Burnham. "So when we had the rest of the community show up at the advertised 1 p.m. start time, there just weren't any eggs left."

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Three fisheries observers are facing felony charges for shooting guns in a residential area of the Unalaska Valley on Jan 22.

Police say they arrested Jacob Silver, Jason Swann, and Bryan Tannenberger after several Unalaska residents reported hearing gunshots around 3 o’clock in the morning near the intersection of East Broadway Avenue and Steward Road.

No one was injured, but one caller told police she heard at least 10 shots and was so terrified that she retreated with her husband and daughter to a room at the back of their house.

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A new police officer was sworn in at Tuesday's City Council meeting, but even with his addition the patrol division is just over half staffed.

According to Acting Police Chief Jennifer Shockley there are six vacant police officer positions as well as the permanent police chief role. There are no vacancies in corrections or communications.

Why is it so hard to keep the department staffed?

Shockley says nationwide interest in public safety services – especially law enforcement careers – is at an all-time low.

Berett Wilber/KUCB

Police have arrested an Unalaska man and confiscated several firearms from his home in the community's second recent incident involving threats of gun violence.

The Department of Public Safety took James Greene, 26, into custody Monday — the same day he allegedly threatened to harm at least two people during a domestic situation that spilled into public spaces.