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A U.S. Coast Guardsman accused of murdering his shipmate has been released from custody as he awaits his next hearing.

Seaman Ethan Tucker, 21, was released Monday from a military prison in San Diego, where he's been confined since late August. He's charged with seven violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for killing Seaman Ethan Kelch, 19, during a night of heavy drinking in Unalaska last winter.

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Unalaska police have asked the state to consider filing criminal charges against the teenager who was behind the wheel in May's fatal car crash off Mount Ballyhoo, following an inquiry supported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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At a prelimary hearing Wednesday in California, military prosecutors argued that U.S. Coast Guard Seaman Ethan Tucker, 21, "choked out" and punched Seaman Ethan Kelch, 19, during a fatal night of heavy drinking in Unalaska last winter.

That's according to a report by the San Diego Union-Tribune's Andrew Dyer, who covered the hearing at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

United States Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard is holding a preliminary hearing Wednesday for a seaman charged with killing his Cutter Douglas Munro shipmate in Unalaska last winter. 


The hearing's purpose is to determine whether there's probable cause that Seaman Ethan Tucker, 21, of Ludington, MI, struck and strangled Seaman Ethan Kelch, 19, of Virginia Beach, VA, before leaving his body in waters near the port.


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Two more people have been charged in connection with Sand Point's recent fentanyl overdoses, one resulting in the death of a 26-year-old woman from King Cove.

Eileen Dushkin, 36, and Darrin Karlsen, 28, both of Sand Point, were indicted last week on charges of manslaughter and second-degree misconduct involving controlled substances, which are class A felonies.