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A U.S. Coast Guardsman accused of murdering his shipmate in Unalaska is set to find out whether he will face court-martial for murder within weeks.

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A series of overdoses in Unalaska last month, including one fatality, has led to the arrests of two Oregon men on federal drug charges.

Both Michael Hindman and Chopper Ellingsworth pleaded not guilty last week to conspiracy to distribute heroin and methamphetamine through the U.S. Postal Service.

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A member of the U.S. Coast Guard accused of murdering his shipmate was released from a California military prison this week, as prosecutors amended the charges against him.

Seaman Ethan Tucker, 21, is charged with killing Seaman Ethan Kelch, 19, while their vessel, the Kodiak-based Cutter Douglas Munro, was stopped for repairs in Unalaska last winter.

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The state District Attorney's Office is considering whether to file criminal charges against the Unalaska teenager who was behind the wheel in May's fatal car crash off Mount Ballyhoo.

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Unalaska police are investigating a fatal heroin overdose that killed a 26-year-old fisherman last month.

Interim Police Chief John Lucking said Per Nyhammer, of Bothell, Washington, was found unresponsive in a room at the Grand Aleutian Hotel on Oct. 16.

"We lost a young man who was a fisherman and a long-term person in the community who'd come in and out," said Lucking. "Facts and circumstances seem to indicate that this might have been an overdose from a self-induced drug consumption."