Stories from the KUCB Newsroom on the topic of crime. You can find the Unalaska Department of Public Safety Police Blotter here:

Unalaska Dept. of Public Safety

Icy roads across Amaknak and Unalaska islands caused a rare traffic jam Monday morning, but cold weather wasn't to blame for an accident involving a rolled SUV near Captains Bay Road over the weekend.

According to Public Safety Director Mike Holman, the male driver of the maroon 2004 Dodge Durango was intoxicated when he drove off the road, crashed and flipped his car. The driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle at the time of the accident. He was treated for minor injuries and then arrested for DUI.   

Courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/John Wheland

An Adak man was recently sentenced to jail time and hefty fines after he pleaded guilty to guiding caribou hunters without a license.

Vic Fisher

  A burglar broke into Red Fish Electronic store at the airport early this morning.

The thief got away with the store's entire inventory of tablets, most of the store's iPods and several smart watches, including a $600 apple smart watch.

Store owner Vic Fisher said this morning the entire burglary was caught on his surveillance system.

The thief, along with a suspected partner, first approached the store, apparently for reconnaissance just after midnight.

Unalaska Department of Public Safety

Unalaska police are looking for a man they say is wanted in connection to an alleged sexual assault early Friday morning.

A no bail arrest warrant was issued for Daylen Luff, 31, after police filed a criminal complaint in district court Friday. The complaint included two counts of sexual assault 2, contact without consent. A magistrate judge ruled there was no probable cause for the second count, but did issue a warrant for the first.

Sgt. Jennifer Shockley of the Unalaska Department of Public Safety said Luff was last seen around 5:30 a.m. on Friday.

It was a relatively uneventful Halloween weekend in Unalaska.

But for five locals, buying an 18-pack of beer at the Alaska Ship Supply liquor store for a minor out front led to their arrests.

According to charging documents, five men were arrested separately Saturday night for buying alcohol for a minor under 21. In what the Unalaska Police department calls a “shoulder tap” operation, police enlisted a decoy to stand outside one of the two liquor stores in town and ask shoppers to buy them alcohol.