City of Unalaska Fire Department

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A group of locals stand around a small fire pit outside, but it's not your average weekend island bonfire. Instead of roasting marshmallows or drinking beers around the fire, most of them are dressed in full firefighter gear, waiting for their turn to attack the flames.


One after another, they step up with extinguishers. Unalaska Fire Department Captain Ben Knowles offers feedback and instruction.

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Despite difficulties with getting access to COVID-19 vaccines earlier in the year, roughly 1,800 people in Unalaska were vaccinated at a mass vaccination clinic on Thursday. 

Eastern Aleutian Tribes (EAT) partnered with the local Iliuliuk Family and Health Services (IFHS) clinic to provide vaccines for anyone on the island, 16 and older.

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The Unalaska Fire Department responded to a fire at the Airport Restaurant Monday night. 

Fire Chief Patrick Shipp said at around 11:45 p.m., he was notified that a fire alarm was going off at the airport. 

"Dispatch dispatched the police, as well as the fire department," he said. "First arriving officers from the police department on scene reported flames showing at the roofline. The first crews went into the building and found the source of heat was in the kitchen area of the restaurant at the airport."

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With help from local fish processor, UniSea, the City of Unalaska opened a quarantine facility in mid-April to house community members and seafood workers who might need a place to isolate and quarantine if they were to fall ill with the coronavirus.  

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In the wake of recent tsunami warnings across Coastal Alaska, and especially here in Unalaska, where over half of the city's tsunami sirens aren't functioning, emergency preparedness has been on the minds of many Alaskans.