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KUCB Staff


The Memorial Day remembrance service in Unalaska this year wasn't quite what it had been in the past. While the early spring weather was characteristically unpredictable, attendees stood apart from one another, donned masks, or watched from their vehicles as Mayor Vince Tutiakoff Sr. addressed the community and recognized the sacrifices made by military veterans, current service members, interned Unangax̂, and fishermen lost at sea.


Maggie Nelson/KUCB

The sun still sits high on the horizon in Unalaska, even though it's late afternoon. A group of community members begin trickling in around the riverbank in the Valley—kitchen utensils and drums in hand. Greeting one another eagerly, they begin their countdown to 7 p.m.


7 o'clock strikes; they scream with wild abandon and beat their drums enthusiastically. Slowly, the pounding fades into a soft heartbeat and hymnal chanting.


Hope McKenney/KUCB


After arriving in Unalaska roughly three months ago, interim reporter Caroline Lester has returned back home to Boston.


KUCB's Maggie Nelson sat down with Lester to talk about her time on the island, reporting on the coronavirus pandemic, and her upcoming adventures in California.



KUCB Staff

''[An] old scuba diver enjoying watching from Pittsburgh, PA,'' ''Hi from Summerville Oregon,'' ''Enjoying this from Wisconsin,'' read a few of the comments on KUCB's live Facebook event for Dockside Discovery, which took place on Monday in Unalaska.

 The Aleutian Arts Council, the Museum of the Aleutians and KUCB recently coordinated the first ever AAC Virtual Coffeehouse, which also combined unique aspects from Community Arts Show and the Just Desserts event. 

This unique program showcased a variety of performers from near and far, and was sponsored by the Aleutian Arts Council, the Museum of the Aleutians, A Better Way Heating, OptimERA and Billie Jo Gehring and Roger Deffendall. 

Click on the link below to view the program in it's entirety.