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The UCSD Drama and Debate team put on four performances of "BEES ARE IN THE PARK" directed by Carlos Tayag last week in the school auditorium. Written by Bobby Keniston, the play featured a series of interlocking vignettes led by eight characters in varying stages of life. 

The UCSD team cast 10 students, who were divided into two performance groups. There were eight students per cast, including a would-be stepdad, a grumpy little girl, an overprotective mother and her son, two teenagers in love, and an elderly couple.

KUCB Staff

Commercial radio has come to Unalaska.

The Arizona-based Turquoise Broadcasting Company set up a transmitter in the Valley last week, launching two stations with programming from the Kenai Peninsula.

While Unalaska Community Broadcasting fought the arrival of for-profit radio, a number of island residents are excited about the new additions to local airwaves.

This story was produced by KUCB's newsroom, which is independent from Unalaska Community Broadcasting's management and board of directors.


Greta Mart

KUCB 89.7 FM and Channel 8 TV were among those honored at last weekend's conference of the Alaska Broadcasters Association. Goldie Awards are given out annually to bring recognition to Alaska broadcasters for their outstanding work. 

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

Halloween festivities start this weekend with the opening of Teen Council's annual haunted house.

"We're trying to show our best haunted house yet," said Kiara Haist, a senior in the student leadership group organized by the city's Department of Parks, Culture, and Recreation. "We're really trying to get you guys scared."

Junior JR Go said council members are transforming the Burma Road Chapel into a spooky, zigzagging maze.

Over twenty enthusiastic volunteer DJs showed their commitment to our “tin” anniversary by donning silver tutus, metallic suits and even a glittery stuffed cobra during the 2018 Pledge Drive on Friday, October 5th.  KUCB 89.7FM launched the service in October of 2008, and since then, KUCB has become the one-stop resource for community news, events information, local sports coverage, and entertainment.