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2016 UCSD Spelling Bee

Jan 20, 2016

At 12:30 on Wednesday in the high school gym, dozens of elementary school students gathered to watch the twelve participants in the spelling bee compete.  

Two champions attended from each grade, starting with third graders from the elementary school and ending with eighth grade junior high students.  

California-based Author Jeff Kunkel visited the Unalaska Public Library the last week in December and read a few excerpts from his book: Alaska Gold: Life on the New Frontier. The book was published in 1997 is a collection of letters written by a pair of brothers who traveled from California to Nome in the early 1900s in search of gold. Jeff told the story of how he came upon these letters and how Unalaska factors into the story.

Carolyn Reed

When writer and historian Ray Hudson was contacted by a BBC producer and asked to select a work of art from Alaska to write an essay about, he chose Unalaskan artist Carolyn Reed’s drawing “Touching Fire.”

Chrissy Roes

Community members and Russian Orthodox worshippers gathered Friday at the senior center to celebrate a Slaaviq potluck.

Father Evon Bereskin, Unalaska's Orthodox priest, joined the group in singing hymns in Russian and English while congregants spun two wooden traditional stars decorated with tinsel, bells and bows.

“The stars that we’re spinning are the stars which the wise men followed,” Father Evon explained to KUCB in 2015. “So we’re spinning and singing and following the star, which leads us to Christ.”

Greta Mart

Unalaskans have one more week to take advantage of a current fine amnesty program at the public library.

"It's a chance for patrons to bring in food to donate and get their fines forgiven," Librarian Karen Kresh said.

The amnesty program is aimed at all library patrons who were late in returning items over the past year.