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A new exhibition opens Friday at the Museum of the Aleutians. 

"Alaska Native Dolls: A Cultural thread" includes 88 dolls from the collection of Heidi Catlett, who's working with MOTA as a guest curator.

For 30 years, Catlett has traveled the state as a dental hygienist, growing her collection along the way.

"When I would go out, I was so fascinated with the people and the cultures," said Catlett. "I found these dolls represented that."

Raider supporters lined the perimeter of the pool last Friday for the UCSD Community Swim Meet at the Aquatic Center starting at 6pm.  Fifteen high school students and eight Jr. High students were there to participate.

The meet began by recognizing the three senior students on the team including Ethan Izler, Amiel Fernandez and Kiara Villamor. The students accepted hugs from Coach Erin Reinders and flowers from their teammates.

Hailey Wilson

  The UCSD Cross Country team has had a busy season so far, with an exciting few weeks ahead.  According to Coach David Gibson, the high school team is fairly small this year,  "but they are still plugging away and getting better." 

Laura Kraegel/KUCB

The city is moving forward on plans to expand Unalaska's public library.

Six companies have bid on the chance to design the renovation, according to City Manager Thomas E. Thomas.

On Tuesday, Thomas said city officials are reviewing those proposals and planning to make a recommendation to the City Council by the end of the month.

Zoe Sobel/KUCB

A national radio program is hosting a live call-in show Tuesday about Attu Island.

The episode of "Native America Calling" will explore the Aleutian campaign of World War II, the Attuans' captivity in Japan, and recent efforts by Attu descendants to reconnect with their ancestral homeland.