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Want To Learn More About The World Around You? Tune In To KUCB's New 'Oh Wow Science' Podcast


The Oh Wow Science! podcast is a show for everybody. Its goal is to bring you fun science facts every week that make you wonder, give you food for thought for  the day or maybe create new interests in your life. Each episode will focus on a different theme. Some of the topics will include the latest research on fascinating animals, discoveries of how animals think and feel, the history of science, how it’s shaped our world and resources on how you can learn more. The host, Tatiana, is a scientist and educator who loves to share fascinating ideas and wants everybody to love learning as much as she does. Tatiana works at the UAF BBC Unalaska Learning Center, in the Adult Education Department and welcomes new students all the time. You can contact her with ideas for episodes and any other UAF matter at: or 907-581-1876.

The first episode of "Oh Wow Science!" provides an introduction to the program, and talks a little bit about the amazing intelligence of birds. Catch the program on KUCB this Friday at noon, repeating on Saturday at 4 p.m. or on demand by clicking on the link below: