Wrestling Raiders "Match Up" at the UCSD Inter-squad Scrimmage

Oct 15, 2018

The five seniors are recognized

The UCSD big gym was packed with Raider fans for the Unalaska City School Wrestling team Inter-squad Scrimmage on Friday October 12th at 7pm. Twenty-three wrestlers participated in the event.

The scrimmage began as Principal Jim Wilson recognized the wrestling team’s five seniors: Ethan Iszler, Seth Henning, Raul Garcia, Dustin Ruckman and Alex Esnardo. Following the senior night presentation, Coach Brian Whittern spoke to the crowd about this year’s team.

“This has been a great group of kids and I’m looking forward to this year,” Coach Whittern said. He proceeded to let the audience know that the evening ahead would include some, “really, really good matches.”

Trey Henning makes a special appearance to wrestle brother Seth

“We’ve got Junior High students who are up-and-coming and we’ve got some matches between kids who will probably be State-placing," Coach Whittern continued. “Some of the matches you see will be State-caliber matches.”

The scrimmage was a little under two hours long and the crowd’s energy lasted throughout.

Blaine Henning takes on John Esnardo

The next wrestling event will be October 26th at the Seward invitational. Good luck Raider!