Unalaska City School New Staff Profiles: An Introduction

Oct 7, 2019

The 2019 UCSD Photojournalism Class wrote profiles for the seven new instructors hired this year.
Credit UCSD Photojournalism Class

With our island’s stark coastline, whipping wind and ever varying weather, Unalaska undeniably attracts a variety of groups of people. People who, in many cases, dare to leave everything they know in pursuit of the unknown; who dare to see the beauty in intensity, and the freedom in isolation.  The island itself shapes our staff into the dream team of nomads, artists, and explorers.  So how does one get here, to an isolated and unknown island in Alaska? How do these teachers and staff members willingly pack up their things, kiss the mainland goodbye, get on a plane to the edge of the world? It’s surprisingly easy to do it by accident because despite the slow internet, rain and bipolar weather, Unalaska pulls at people all over the U.S. and the world. Even when you leave, with no plans of return, Unalaska can still find a way to pull you back in.

The Photojournalism class of 2019-20 would like to present the newest additions to our Unalaska City School District. Introducing, the horizon-chasers, small-town-seekers, and returning residents will be an indispensable part of our students' lives in the upcoming school year. We would like to welcome the new UCSD staff!

These profiles of new Unalaska City School District teachers were written by high school students in Rainier Marquez's photojournalism class. They have not been edited by KUCB staff.