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Unalaska 6th Graders Prepare for College

Dec 3, 2015

UCSD 6th Grade Class

When Amber Wood isn't on the court coaching, she can be found in the 6th grade classroom helping coach the Unalaska 6th graders on some tactics to help them start preparing for college. She and school counselor Teri Morris lead a program called Kids 2 College, which is promoted by the Alaska Commission for Post-Secondary Education, and brings early college awareness and college-going culture to sixth grade students. This is the second year the Unalaska City School District has participated in the program. 

Kids 2 College consists of six lessons completed over a period of a few months, where students can learn about careers, options for paying for college, and connections between education and occupations they might be interested in exploring. The culminating event is the career fair held in May of 2016, which will be the Unalaska City School's 16th annual career fair for 5th to 12th grade students. 

In a recent lesson students were given information about the Alaska Career Information System, which has been useful every year in exposing junior high and high school students to various post-secondary education options. The Kids 2 College program is helping to create an awareness that students have options after graduation to pursue vocational school, community college, an associates degree, as well as a bachelor's degree at a four year university.