UCSD's Business Manager Retires After 27 Years

Mar 1, 2018

Holly Holman retired last week as the district’s business manager. Former school registrar Danielle Whittern has replaced her.
Credit Courtesy of Unalaska City School District

Holly Holman has retired from the Unalaska City School District.

She said goodbye last week after 27 years as the district's business manager.

"This place, this school, this staff …  I’m just so proud to have had my daughter attend school here and to have worked with you for all these years," said Holman at a recent school board meeting

Superintendent John Conwell commended her years of service and recalled her 2014 award as Alaska’s school business manager of the year.

"Fortunately, Holly will continue to mentor early career school business officials throughout the state," said Conwell. "I’m planning to continue relying on her as an advisor and friend for as long as she keeps her phone number listed."

The school board heaped praise on Holman, too. Several members said she encouraged them to run for their seats.

"I am here because of you," said Board Member Cherry Tan. "This is my first adventure, being involved in the community, and I am so thankful to you."

Danielle Whittern has been tapped as Holman's replacement. The former school registrar went through Unalaska’s public schools and has been training under Holman for months.  

"Danielle is so passionate about this," said Holman. "She's so smart. I just feel joy that she’s in my position."

The school board’s next meeting is March 8.