UCSD Student of the Week: Senior Class 2016

Oct 5, 2015

The Principal's pick for Student of the Week for September 14-18 are the Senior Class of 2016 for the following reasons:

The entire senior class is off to an amazing start to the school year. They have taken it upon themselves to be active leaders in the school both academically as well as in a manner to promote a positive school culture. The maturity and determination that the entire group has shown to begin the school year is admirable. I am certain that with continued focus this will be one of the best senior classes UCSD has ever seen. Keep up the good work and remember to keep focused on your goals throughout the year.
~Mr. Wilson, Principal

Congratulations to all of the members of the Unalaska City School Class of 2016 for starting the schoolyear off with such a noticeably en-thusiastic and energetic manner. It is truly a pleasure to see this group setting such a positive example for the rest of the school in the critical areas of leadership and attitude, and your efforts are noticed—and much appreciated—by students and staff alike.
~Miss Rudio, English Teacher

This years senior class has made tremendous progress towards be-coming stable, productive and mature young adults. Specifically, it has been my observation that this group of students has move beyond the notion that they are entitled to achievement and reward. Our out-standing seniors are beginning to realize that only hard work, dedica-tion and determination will guarantee success and a positive future full of interesting, exciting and rewarding choices.

~Mr. Gregory, Science Teacher