UCSD Student of the Week: Ruta Sua

Mar 10, 2016

Student of the Week Ruta Sua
Credit UCSD

The Junior High Department selected Ruta as Student of the Week for the following reasons:

Ruta arrived in Unalaska, from American Samoa, at the beginning of this school year. Our school systems are very different and, at first, she found everything a bit confusing. Speaking English as a second language presented her with additional challenges. Some students have been known to give up when faced with such daunting odds. That certainly does not describe Ruta! She immediately began asking questions and trying to expand her knowledge. Most schooldays, you can find her studying in my classroom, by 8 a.m. Ruta often stops by my room after school, too. If she needs to do some research or complete a project, on the weekend, where are you likely to find her? That’s right. When I hear a tap on my window, without turning around, I’m pretty sure it’s Ruta. It is a pleasure to work with a student who comes to school every day, prepared to meet the challenges that await her. Congratulations, Ruta. Continue to strive for excellence. It’s a pleasure to work with you.

~ Ms. Anderson, ESL Teacher

Ruta is a very hard worker. She has made tremendous progress this year in learning to keep track of her own progress, communicate with teachers, get feedback on her writing, read regularly and carefully, complete her work on time, and speak up in class! All the while, she has been busy improving her English--not an easy feat. Great job, Ruta; keep up the good work!~Ms. Purevsuren, English Teacher

Ruta has improved a lot through out the school year. She is very dedicated to her studies and is willing to put in extra time to understand the concepts. In both math and social studies Ruta has progressed very well with applying her English skills in those areas. The best part of working with Ruta is she arrives to school everyday with a positive attitude. Good job Ruta and finish the year strong.~ Mr. Russell, Math/Social Studies Teacher

Ruta is the daughter of Ruta Sua