UCSD New Staff Profiles: Kasey Wilson

Oct 8, 2019

Credit UCSD Photojournalism Class

These profiles of new Unalaska City School District teachers were written by high school students in Rainier Marquez's photojournalism class. They have not been edited by KUCB staff.  

Ms. Wilson grew up in Wichita, Kansas, where she also attended high school and college. She decided to move here because she was pushed by adventure, also because it would be here first year of teaching. She was discovered at a career fair, and was met by John Conwell who is the school’s superintendent. She now teaches highschool and jr. high science which consists of Physics, Physical Science, and Earth Science. She plans on staying here for a couple of years, due to the fact that the community is very supportive and welcoming. Coming from a landlocked town, island life is completely different from what she is used to. She really enjoys the island life but does miss the convenience of living in a landlocked community.

Teaching was not Ms. Wilson first choice but she made a decision to go after teaching during her last year of high school. She was originally going to open a store that was all things Japanese anime. She decided to become a teacher, by learning science from her favorite science teacher. This teacher showed her that science could be fun, but she also had the options of teaching history and business.

Credit UCSD Photojournalism Class

She has spent time building hovercrafts her senior year of high school, and she also loves to read and play instruments such as the guitar, saxophone, ukulele, cello, and the flute. During her high school career, she was in Future Business Leaders of America (FBA) and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). If she wasn’t a teacher, she thinks that she would have gone back to school to continue learning about science.