Two UCSD Students Awarded At The 2018 All State Art Competition

Apr 20, 2018

The Alaska All State Art Competition results came out on April 18th this year, and two Unalaska City School students won awards for their work!

Sasha Rankin won 2nd place in the Multiculural Art category with her painting “How Far I’ll Go,” and Gianna Villafuerte won 3rd place in the Drawing category with a charcoal drawing entitled “What I’ll Do Tomorrow.”

Instructor Finn Palmer said that the drawing category is particularly competitive, but both wins are impressive because there is no regional limit for the competition. This year, they accepted 193 entrees from 22 high schools across Alaska.

“Placing in State is a big honor,” Palmer said. “It's neat to see students from Unalaska holding their own.”

She continued to say that she is proud of all of her students that show dedication on a daily basis, including those who didn’t win awards this year.

“Still, it is nice when you get recognized for your work,” Palmer said. “Sasha and Gianna are incredibly focused on their art and they absolutely deserve this.”

Congratulations to Sasha and Gianna!

A link to view all of the art entries is