Troop 381 Celebrates The First Girl Scout On Island To Bridge to Adult

Mar 3, 2019

Mary Pound is the first Unalaskan Girl Scout to bridge to Adult.

UCSD senior, Mary Pound, became the first Unalaskan Girl Scout to bridge to Adult on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at the United Methodist Church.

Friends of Pound, alongside Girl Scout Troop 381, gathered together at 6:30pm to start the evening off with a pizza dinner, before filing into the main room of the church to start the “bridging” event.

In Girl Scouts, bridging is a ceremony in which the Scout officially graduates from one level to the next. According to Troop leader Margo Peters, Pound is the first Girl Scout on island to turn eighteen years old and decide bridge to the Adult Level.

After Troop 381 performed a flag ceremony and a few official recitations, Peters began the opening speech, starting with a short history on Girl Scouts in Unalaska. Peters said she started the Troop with Karie Wilson ten years ago, after her husband joked that the citizens of Unalaska need Girl Scout cookies on the island.

Peters continued that of the original eleven girls in the Troop, Pound is the first to make the decision to bridge to an Adult Girl Scout.

“Many Girl Scouts drop out when they reach middle school because they are involved in other activities, or they simply lose interest." Peters said. “But Mary and a few younger high school students have stuck with it and have become valuable members of our Troop. Mary has not only stuck with Girl Scouts throughout the years, but wants to continue in Girl Scouts at the Adult Level.”

Peters continued to speak on her fondness for Pound, noting that Pound is woman of her word, an enthusiastic helper to all and an advocate for recycling. Peters also noted that Pound has excelled at leading the Daisy Level of Girl Scouts that is comprised of kindergarteners and first graders. 

Following Peters speech, several others took the microphone to congratulate Pound, followed by an official candle ceremony. Afterward, Pound walked across the symbolic bridge and was greeted by past and present Girl Scout Leaders and Co-leaders.  

Troop 381 celebrates Mary with a candle ceremony

“Mary, cross the bridge to us leaving your childhood behind,” Peters said as Pound joined the Girl Scout leaders, volunteers and Pound’s mother, Tammy Pound.

Peters presented her with the Bridge to Adult Girl Scout pin and accompanying certificate, as well as a bouquet of flowers.

Pound then took the podium to thank those who have been influential to her in her formative years as a Girl Scout, and also to reflect on her experience.  

“The Girl Scout troop 381 has helped me to kind of discover who I am, I’ve found my individuality and I'd like to thank Miss Margo and Miss Erin [Reinders] so, so much,” said Pound. “Also, after three years of leading the Daisy’s I’ve learned a lot of things, and patience is one of them!”

Leader Margo Peters presents Pound with a pin and certificate.

After a few tears were shed and several hugs administered, the group celebrated with cake and fellowship in the main room.

You can watch the Pound’s bridging ceremony in its entirety on Wednesday, March 6th at 8pm.