Trial For Teen Gun Incident Gets Underway

May 14, 2019

Credit Berett Wilber / KUCB

The trial of a teen who allegedly used a handgun to threaten another teen in Unalaska last July is underway.

The incident was first reported to adults in August following Rachel’s Challenge – a program created after the Columbine school shooting to reduce violence and encourage compassion and communication in schools.

While many of the details have been confidential under Alaska Law, the judge has granted a motion opening the juvenile delinquency trial to the public.

At this time, KUCB is not naming the defendant because he is a minor.

Jury selection began yesterday at Unalaska’s Courthouse and opening statements began today.

The defendant faces one charge of Assault 3 which is a Class C felony. He is accused of, “recklessly [placing] another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument.” 

Court officials estimate the trial could last all week.

The state filed charges in September against a second teenager allegedly involved in the incident, but his case has been resolved.