Students Urge Community to "Pick it up" With a Song

Apr 28, 2016

Eagle's View Elementary 4th grade students perform a dance to promote a cleaner Unalaska.
Credit Chrissy Roes

Signs of spring are everywhere this month.  As the snow melts, the results of a winter's worth of stormy weather is revealed. Trash has accumulated on the beaches and along the roads.  The Community Center organizes two weeks of intensive spring clean-up each year to address this issue.  The effort makes a big difference in the beauty of Unalaska.  

Community Clean Up starts this coming Sunday, May 1st, and it runs through Sunday, May 15th.  Industrial-strength yellow trash bags are available at the Community Center and residents are encouraged to get involved.  As an incentive, 12 prize tickets will be placed around town. If you find one of these tickets you can redeem it at the Community Center for a prize. The landfill is closed Sunday and Monday, and the Unalaska Landfill will start accepting yellow trash bags when they open on Tuesday.  

If you're organizing a large scale clean-up effort, please let the Community Center know when and where the cleanup will take place.  This will allow them to track what sections in town have been cleaned, and to coordinate trash bag pickup. For more information, check out KUCB's community calendar, or call event organizer Felicia Tungul.  

Our organization is a big fan of the community clean-up effort, and we were excited to help motivate Unalaska.  Channel 8's Chrissy Roes worked closely with UCSD 4th grade teachers to create a music video starring Unalaska's youth.  Check it out - we guarantee that watching this video will make you want to pick up a yellow bag and start collecting garbage.