Sports Fishing Report: September 17, 2018

Sep 17, 2018

Unalaska Bay/Dutch Harbor Road System

Issued September 17, 2018

Silvers are going strong in most local rivers and in particular at Captain’s Bay. Silver runs should still have another two weeks of decent fishing! ADFG in Kodiak is looking for volunteers to do stream surveys this fall for road system streams, contact us if you are interested!

Regulation reminders:

  • The bag limit for Unalaska Bay fresh and saltwaters is 5 salmon per day of which only 2 may be sockeye and 2 may be coho.
  • The bag limit for the remainder of Unalaska Island is 5 salmon per day all of which may be sockeye or coho.
  • The saltwaters of Summer’s Bay are open to snagging, however, the freshwaters from the outlet of Summer’s Bay Lake to the ocean are closed to all sportfishing.
  • All freshwaters of Unalaska Island are closed to snagging year-round.
  • Remember that a fish hooked elsewhere than in the mouth is snagged.
  • The daily limit for Tanner Crab for sport and subsistence fishing is 12 per day and only male crab over 5.5” may be taken.

Fishing reports:

  • If you would like to volunteer to do a stream survey this fall for monitoring Silver runs please contact us for more information!
  • Silver runs in the Unalaska Bay area are strong this year! And it sounds like most silver runs in the area are doing well.
  • Captains Bay has been a particularly hot spot, but runs in Town Creek, Nateekin, Broad Bay and Margaret Bay are strong as well.
  • Silver runs usually peak in mid-September so they are likely at their peak right now and will be trailing off soon. Fish can usually be found in freshwater through October, however, and sometimes as late as New Year’s.
  • King salmon fishing has been good for most of the summer, but few reports have come in lately for king salmon. Looks for areas with schooling bait fish or whales for the best king trolling.
  • Halibut fishing has been good by most accounts, but some anglers report more spotty fishing than others. Generally, saltwater’s are still relatively warm through September and halibut can generally be caught in less than 100ft of water, particularly near rivers.
  • Tanner crab fishing has been good as well with consistent harvests reported. Remember that only male Tanner Crab larger than 5.5” can be retained. Limits are 12 per day. See the 2018 Southwest Alaska Sportfishing Regulation Booklet for more details on crab fishing under sport regulations.