September Raider Report

Oct 20, 2015

  The month of September kicked off Cross Country and Swimming meets for Unalaska Raiders.

“I’m super proud of my team”

Ross Enlow, UCS Class of 2016, 5th in State Cross Country 1A/2A/3A Competitions

Alanna Kochuten and Liam Andersen had bookend stories on cross country.  Alanna shared her team’s experience during the first cross country meet of the season at Bartlett High School in Anchorage. Liam Andersen trailed the cross country events with a story on the Region 1 SouthWest Championship Country Race hosted by Unalaska.

In the swimming world, the show profiled a few of the young Raider swimmers and found out why swimming was important to them.

“I enjoyed volunteering because I was able to help cheer on our athletes”

~Cade Terada, UCS class of 2016

Sue Yoon, Cade Terada, and Citlaly Garcia all volunteered during the City of Unalaska, Department of Parks, Culture, and Recreation’s Annual Triathlon event. They produced a segment that highlights the importance of volunteering and staying active while showcasing photos from this fun community affair.

Also in September, two cruise ships visited Unalaska in one day, almost doubling the town’s population. Onya Enkbhat, Shara Laxa and Chelsea Laxa interviewed the visitors about their impression of our town.

“What you do and think and say, and how you look at each other, every single day, has an impact on the person sitting next to you, behind you, beside you.”

~Erahm Christopher, filmmaker

Teen Truth is a film shot by teens that resulted in a raw and real look at what students feel and think. Erahm Christopher, one of the creators of Teen Truth, came to Unalaska and led an Anti-Bully assembly at the high school. He also had a workshop with the teens during his visit. Reanna Marquez and Kayla Nalam showed portions of his talk and chatted with a few students about the message they received.

UCS photojournalism class produces a monthly show Raider Report to inform the public on school and community activities from the students' perspective. Raider Report airs on the first Wednesday of the month on Channel 8 TV Unalaska.