RavnAir Group Starts Screening Passengers For Coronavirus

Mar 18, 2020

Tom Madsen Airport, viewed from the top of Mt. Newhall. RavnAir has started screening passengers for COVID-19.
Credit Thomas Doyle / Flickr

RavnAir Group has started screening passengers flying to rural airports, including Dutch Harbor. 

In a statement, the airline said the screen consists of a series of questions and what they call a "visual assessment." 


Passengers are asked about their travel history, potential exposure to coronavirus, and whether or not they're experiencing any symptoms.


On Tuesday, the airline reported turning away four passengers, including two foreign nationals who exhibited symptoms and were scheduled to fly to Unalaska. 


In addition to screening, RavnAir has also instituted cleaning programs that "meet or exceed [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines."


The cleaning procedures include "disinfecting all hard surfaces within the cabin, as well as cleaning and disinfecting passenger seats and aircraft lavatories on flights with restrooms," according to the airline.


RavnAir will continue to waive change and cancellation fees for refundable tickets booked through March 31st. All non-refundable tickets will maintain their value for 364 days.