Raider Basketball Coming Soon to Local Radio

Jan 4, 2016

Kevin Ley and Chris Price calling games from the announcer's booth of the UCSD Gymnasium in 2012.
Credit KUCB File Photo

It's time for our most thrilling broadcasts of the season: Raider Basketball live on KUCB Radio!  If you would like to help us by sponsoring games, get in touch with Lauren (907-581-1888) for rates and information.  

We are excited to bring you as much of the action as we can this season.  The first games will take place this week.  We have confirmed coverage of the following games and you can catch them live on KUCB or stream them by clicking on the play button at the top of this page. 

January 7th  Boys v. Nome, 7:30 PM

January 8th Boys v. Kotzebue, 2:00 PM 

 January 9th Boys v. Bethel, 2:30 PM

We’re hoping to line up talent to call the Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula games as well.  Check back here for updates on the following games:

January 6th

Girls v. Lumen Christi , 4:00 PM at Lumen

Boys v. Lumen Christi, 5:30 PM at Lumen

January 7th

Girls v. Ninilchik, 4:00 PM at Ninilichik

January 8th

Girls v. Su Valley, 3:30 PM at Su Valley

January 9th

Girls v. Birchwood Christian,  10:00 am at Birchwood Christian School