Pavlof Volcano Downgraded To 'Normal,' As Cleveland Increases To 'Watch'

Nov 13, 2019

Pavlof Volcano, photographed from Cold Bay during its last major eruption in 2016.
Credit Candace Shaack

After showing signs of restlessness, Pavlof Volcano is back at a normal alert level.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory issued an "advisory" for Pavlof last month, following small explosions at its summit 36 miles northeast of Cold Bay. Since then, there have been no further signs of unrest, and scientists downgraded the volcano to "normal" last week.

Pavlof's last major eruption was in 2016. It sent an ash cloud 37,000 feet into the air and canceled many flights. Pavlof is considered one of the Aleutian Islands' most active volcanoes, with more than 40 eruptions in modern history. 

Meanwhile, the Alaska Volcano Observatory has increased the alert level for Cleveland Volcano to "watch."

Scientists have detected "robust streaming" at the mountain west of Umnak Island, as well as highly elevated surface temperatures consistent with lava. They said future eruptions are likely at Cleveland.