Next Episode Of 'Native America Calling' Focused On Attu Island

Sep 10, 2018

Attu descendants gather grass for basket weaving during a trip to the island in 2017.
Credit Zoe Sobel/KUCB

A national radio program is hosting a live call-in show Tuesday about Attu Island.

The episode of "Native America Calling" will explore the Aleutian campaign of World War II, the Attuans' captivity in Japan, and recent efforts by Attu descendants to reconnect with their ancestral homeland.

The program will feature three descendants, including Atka Mayor Crystal Dushkin, as well as KUCB's Zoe Sobel, who reported on a special return trip to the island last summer.

Tune in to KUCB this Tuesday at 9 a.m. to listen to the live broadcast.