Mustaches Smarten the Look of UCSD Staff

Nov 18, 2015

6 of the 8 team members on the Unalaska City School District Movember team, The Aleutian Staches.
Credit Joanne Villamor / UCSD

The male staff at Unalaska City School is once again sporting an inordinate amount of mustaches. It’s that time of year again, and November has been re-dubbed as MO-vember to support and raise awareness for health issues facing men.

The goal is to create awareness and raise money in support of these issues, using our mustaches as conversation starters. The funds raised all go to the Movember Foundation which helps to finance different organizations that spearhead research and prevention initiatives for improving, curing, and preventing men’s health issues. This year the Movember Foundation is focusing on providing funding for testicular and prostate cancer research, helping to fight depression in men, and a new emphasis on reversing physical inactivity with their push for daily MOVEs. While a big piece of Movember is raising awareness and funds for the various causes the foundation supports, it is also about each individual becoming aware of his own situation. Participants are encouraged to learn about their family history in regards to health issues, get age appropriate recommended checkups or exams, as well as work towards a healthy lifestyle regarding both mind and body.

The Unalaska City School District Movember team, The Aleutian Staches, officially have 8 members this year. Pictured above, wearing some outstanding examples of upper-lip crafting are (from Left to Right) Andre Kitsyuk, Technology Coordinator; Kent Russel, Middle School Math and History Teacher; John Conwell, UCSD Superintendent; Josh Good, 5th Grade Teacher; David Gibson; Middle and High School Science Teacher; and Jim Wilson, UCS Principal. Team members not pictured are Eric Andersen, Eagle’s View Elementary Principal, and Carrol Johnson, Vocational Education Teacher.

To do your part and offer your support you can find the team by going to By clicking the Donate button at the top right you can search (you don’t automatically have to donate). Search for Aleutian, Unalaska, or Dutch Harbor- all of which should yield results for the Aleutian Staches. Look for the Mustached Unalaska Island logo. Feel free to leave encouraging comments on our page, and comments or donations of any size are welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks for your support Unalaska!