Missing Another Deadline, GCI Delays Launch Of Unalaska's 4G LTE Service Until March 5

Feb 26, 2018

Last week, GCI delayed the launch until Feb. 28. Now, the company aims to go live on March 5.
Credit Laura Kraegel/KUCB

Once again, GCI has pushed back the launch date for Unalaska’s 4G LTE service — just a week after the company’s last missed deadline.

Vice President Dan Boyette said GCI is now targeting next Monday, March 5.

“We’ve done the needed upgrades and drive testing and are now in the stage of analyzing the drive test results,” he said in an email to KUCB.

GCI first promised a faster, more reliable mobile network — including data — by the end of 2017. But Boyette said construction snags and testing delayed the launch.

He said GCI plans to confirm on Friday that the network will be ready to go live next week.