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LifeMed Establishes Seasonal Unalaska Base

Apr 19, 2016

Credit Courtesy LifeMed

After establishing service in January, medevac company LifeMed says it will only serve Dutch Harbor seasonally.

This year the base will be open for A-season fishing; in the future, the company hopes to stay longer.

But before a year-round base is feasible, Erika Fenn, a business specialist for LifeMed, says there are logistics that need to be resolved.

"Right now we don’t have a permanent hanger," Fenn said. "Which is problematic for our airplane. It’s just sitting out there in the weather and obviously here in Dutch, it’s pretty bad weather a lot of the time."

LifeMed is competing with year round medevac company Guardian. For $49 a year, LifeMed Alaska offers a program that covers all LifeMed transport fees not covered by the patients primary health insurance.

When not actively engaged in transport, LifeMed’s staff assists in the Iliuliuck Family & Health Services Clinic and provides training.

In the past three months, the company has done more than 20 flights.

LifeMed’s plane will leave the island May 1.