Labor Day Softball Tournament is a Home Run

Sep 5, 2018

GCI sponsored the tournament winners, comprised of mostly UCSD teachers
Credit Joanne Vilamor

The PCR coordinated a Labor Day Softball Tournament this year that was held at Kelty Field over the first three days of September.

PCR employees Cynthia Drayton and Carlos Tayag coordinated the event and Tayag said it has been a few years since Unalaska has seen a summer softball tournament.  “This year was well attended, both in terms of participants and spectators,” Tayag said. He added that Mayor Kelty was pleased to see a tournament resurgence and offered Tayag and his crew gratitude for “bringing softball back to the island.”

A total of four teams played six games over the course of the long weekend, with an extra two games added for the championship rounds. Tayag played with the “Ptarmigan Pirates” sponsored by his own company, The Pirate Chef, GCI sponsored a team comprised of mostly UCSD teachers, “The Sophties” were formed by UCSD sophomores students, and “The Misfits” team was a group of free-agents with a passion to play.

Staff from the PCR worked as both scorekeepers and as umpires, aided by serveral volunteers. Both the freshman class at UCSD and the Youth Group at the Unalaska Christian Fellowship hosted the consessions stand throughout the weekend.

The Championship game was held on Monday at 2:45pm, and pitted the UCSD teachers against Tayag’s “Pirates.” The teachers won the game with a score of 16 to 5. Tayag was disappointed that the “Pirates” didn’t win the [champion]'Ship because the word play would have made for a nice headline, but said that overall he was pleased with how the tournament went.

At the end of the weekend, players voted on the “Most Valuable Player” for their individual teams, an MVP for the entire tournament, the most noteworthy rookie, and the “Golden Glove” for the best out-fielder. The winners can be found below.

Most Valuable Player by Team:

Ptarmigan Pirates: Ethan Iszler

Misfits: Killian Baker

Sophties: Adam Nguyen

UCSD Teachers: Casey Clausius

Over All Tournament Awards: 

Tournament MVP: Riley Spetz

Rookie of the Tournament: Sean Conwell

Golden Glove Award: Chance Allen

Thanks to all who came out and participated last weekend!