KUCB Wins Two Goldie Awards From The Alaska Broadcasters Association

Nov 13, 2018

KUCB's Chrissy Roes displays her Goldie Award during the Nov. 9 ceremony.
Credit Greta Mart

KUCB 89.7 FM and Channel 8 TV were among those honored at last weekend's conference of the Alaska Broadcasters Association. Goldie Awards are given out annually to bring recognition to Alaska broadcasters for their outstanding work. 

The Goldie Awards were presented in Anchorage on Friday, Nov. 9 at the annual convention, where radio and television stations from across the state gathered to celebrate the awards.KUCB took home honors for "Best Public Service Announcement – Student Radio”" for the "Stop at Crosswalks" message produced by Girl Scout Troop 381 and co-leaders Erica Aus, Margo Peters, Erin Reinders, Arlene de Letran, and Mary Pound. 

The public service announcement was created by Girl Scout Juniors in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. The scouts learned radio production as a part of the project and were taught by Aus, a longtime KUCB volunteer.  

KUCB Radio won a Goldie Award for "Best Public Service Announcement - Student Division."
Credit KUCB Staff

"They're really passionate about crosswalks," said Aus. "We were working on a badge and walking around town, and they noticed the crosswalks needed to be repainted. It led to a discussion about drivers not always stopping at crosswalks. Basically, they saw a need for a PSA on the topic and really wanted to figure out a way to help the community."

After broadcasting last spring, the award-winning public service announcement is back in rotation for the month of November. Listen for it throughout the day on Unalaska's local radio station, KUCB 89.7 FM.  

The second Goldie award, in the category of "Best Entertainment Feature – Division 2," was presented to Channel 8 TV for coverage of Unalaska's "Dockside Discovery Day" last May. It's an event organized by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Alaska Sea Grant.

Channel 8's award-winning coverage follows elementary students as they learn about the island's marine life, with help from local volunteer divers. KUCB producer Chrissy Roes created the video. 

KUCB would like to thank our viewers, listeners, contributors, and community members. Your support makes our work possible, and we appreciate it!

Unalaska's Girl Scout Troop 381 won a Goldie Award for a public service announcement they produced to encourage the use of crosswalks.
Credit Courtesy Girl Scout Troop 381