With Herring In Deep Water, Dutch Harbor's Fishery Starts Off Slow

Jul 9, 2018

Seiners harvested 410 tons of herring as of Friday, July 6.
Credit 16:9CLUE/FLICKR

Dutch Harbor's commercial herring season is off to a slow start.

Since opening July 1, seiners have harvested about one quarter of their 1,810-ton quota in the Unalaska and Akutan districts.

"Some of the reports I get from the processors say the fish are deeper than normal," said biologist Lucas Stumpf of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. "They're having a little difficulty catching them in the volumes that they're used to, just because the fish seem to be deeper at the moment."

Stumpf said just a few boats are participating in the small fishery, which provides bait for Bering Sea crab fishermen.

As usual, no one fished with gillnet gear, so the 253-ton gillnet quota has been added to the seiners' allocation.