Fake $100 Bills Found Along Unalaska's Captains Bay Road

Aug 21, 2019

Police said the counterfeit bills have "duplicate serial numbers and Chinese characters imprinted on them."
Credit Unalaska Department of Public Safety

Police are warning Unalaskans to watch for counterfeit money after $3,100 in fake bills was found blowing down Captains Bay Road last week.

A man came across the thirty-one $100 bills on Thursday while driving down the road, according to a statement from the Department of Public Safety.

He stopped and found that they looked and felt fake and then reported the situation to police.

"Officers retrieved the bills and observed the money to have duplicate serial numbers and Chinese characters imprinted on them," said the Public Safety statement. "The origin of the bills could not be determined."

Police said they're asking community members — and Unalaska's bars and liquor stores — to be on the lookout and report any counterfeit cash to the department.