To Ease Congestion, City Reduces Long-Term Parking Limit At Unalaska's Airport

Jun 18, 2019

The new long-term parking limit went into effect Friday, June 14. But vehicles that were already in the lot at that time are exempt and allowed to stay for 60 days.
Credit KUCB Staff

The long-term parking limit at Unalaska's Tom Madsen Airport has been reduced from 60 days to 28.

City officials announced the change Friday, citing congestion at the roughly 40-vehicle lot.

"Being that it's so full and cars are staying longer, if we make it 28 days, it gives more people the opportunity to park," said John Days of the Department of Ports and Harbors, which manages the state-owned airport.

Days said the new limit will hopefully strike a balance between providing Unalaskans with enough parking time and keeping cars rotating.

"Having them there for two months — that's just too long," he said. "But I wanted to make it [possible] for people going out for a month, which is fine."

While the new rule went into effect Friday, Days said vehicles that were already in long-term parking at that time are exempt and allowed to stay for 60 days.

All other vehicles are now capped at 28 days, and any that stay beyond the limit will be referred to Department of Public Safety for potential citations.