Duck, Duck, Go!

Jul 6, 2018

Rubber ducks flooded Iliuliuk Creek during the annual Ballyhoo Lions Club Duck Race.
Credit Courtesy Frank Kelty

The Annual Ballyhoo Lions Club Duck Race is one of Unalaska’s most-anticipated Fourth of July events. Immediately after the parade, spectators rushed to the river to see who'd take home prize money and bragging rights. 

The winners are as follows:

4th of July Theme

1. Unalaska Fleet Coop

2. Rappe Hydema

3. Aleutian Sable


An entrant in the Fourth of July division.
Credit Courtesy Frank Kelty

Corporate Theme

1. Pacific Coast Marine

2. Museum of the Aleutians

3. Westward Seafoods


Corporate Duck Race

1. Aleutian Dentistry

2. Great Pacific

3. Pacific Prince


Winning ducks in the corporate category.
Credit Courtesy Frank Kelty

Rubber Duck Race

1. Duy Tran $599

2. Jerry Khongson $300

3. Sam Corpin $150

4. Ray Terry $50