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Council Seat A (Mayor): Ralph Harvey

Sep 16, 2016

Ralph Harvey
Credit KUCB

  Hello!  My name is Ralph Harvey and I am running for the office of Mayor of Unalaska.  I have been a resident of the island for 16 years and I have a deep love for this community and the people it serves. 

I am running for office so I may be a fair voice for the people of Unalaska.  Over the years I have seen many changes throughout our community—some good and some bad—but one consistent message that stands out loud and clear is that people don’t just want to have a say in their community, they also want to know what is going on, how their tax dollars are being spent and whether their interests are being represented.

Over the last several years, cost overruns on large capital projects have put a crunch on the City’s budget, and current administration is expecting local businesses to pick up the slack for their poor planning.  Local business is important to our economic environment, not only because it provides valuable goods and services, but also because it provides jobs that help individuals and families thrive into a prosperous community.  As Mayor, I would aggressively encourage local and small business development and avoid anything that would tax a company out of business. 

Increasing infrastructure around the island is also key to positive economic development.  I would like to see more roads paved throughout the city—especially in the industrial areas that seem to have been overlooked over the years—so residents and businesses alike can travel safely without unnecessary wear and tear on their vehicles.  I would also encourage competition among airlines so residents could enjoy the best and most cost effective air travel available to get on and off the island.

As Mayor, I would encourage more activities for both youth and adults so we may continue to grow into a vibrant, well-rounded community.  I would actively seek opportunities and funding for students to travel for sports and educational programs so they can broaden their perspective on the opportunities available to them in the world.

If elected, I have a plan in place for better and cheaper cell phone; cable/Internet services to connect with family, friends and businesses down south and beyond.

And finally, as Mayor, I would focus on bringing accountability and integrity back to the City Council.  I am a strong proponent of operating transparently and it is my belief that with a thorough analysis of current and future budgets and expenditures, we can make decisions as a community on how to reduce unnecessary and frivolous spending so we can afford the growth and infrastructure the citizens of Unalaska have been seeking. 

I ask for your vote on October 4th so together we can put Unalaska First.