City Investigates Vessel Found Burning In Captains Bay

Aug 25, 2016

Credit KUCB

A vessel caught fire in Unalaska waters last weekend.

The incident is still under investigation, but City Manager Dave Martinson said efforts are already underway to address the damaged boat.

"On Saturday, the vessel Rebecca was found burning at the end of Captains Bay," he said. "There was a potential hazard, so the Department of Public Safety has worked with Resolve Marine Group and the U.S. Coast Guard. We're going to execute a $30,000 contract to remove it."

After finding diesel sheen in water around the boat, the harbormaster deployed oil-absorbent boom to contain the hazard, with help from Resolve and the Coast Guard's Marine Safety Detachment (MSD) Unit.

MSD officials said they've since received reports that Resolve has removed the residue, along with a leaking tank and battery.

While the city is fronting the money for cleanup, Martinson said they'll eventually try to recover costs from the vessel's owner. 

"We believe it's important enough not to fight through the process of trying to get him to do it," he said. "Let's get this done quick enough that it doesn't result in something more catastrophic."

Public Safety Director Mike Holman said the vessel is owned by a local resident. But with a criminal investigation ongoing, he said he can't share any more information right now.

No one was aboard the vessel when it was found burning.