City Council Seat A (Mayor): Frank Kelty

Sep 17, 2016

Frank Kelty
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My name is Frank Kelty and I am running for Unalaska City Mayor Seat CC-A; I have lived and worked in Alaska for 46 years 45 of those years in Unalaska.  My wife Nancy and I have been married 34 years and we have one daughter, Joanne, who is a graduate of Unalaska City High School.  We also have three beautiful granddaughters who attend school in Unalaska.

During my working career, I spent 30 years working in the Alaska seafood industry with two shore-based companies in Unalaska.   In December of 2000, I left the seafood industry to work full-time for the City of Unalaska as their Resource Analyst, and I retired from that position on September 30th of 2015. I have many years of experience in City government and have served on a whole host of boards and commissions both locally and statewide

I served as an Unalaska City Council member for 9 years and was elected Mayor of Unalaska in 1991.  I was reelected three times. During my ten years as mayor, I was a strong proponent of quality of life projects in the community.  The projects completed included construction of City Hall, PCR, the Museum, the Library, several community parks, and the Public Works facility.  Numerous road paving projects took place in those years, as well as port and harbor expansion projects, and financial support of a new community medical facility.

If elected, the community will have Mayor who will hit the ground running.  You’ll have a Mayor with the experience and knowledge to ask the tough questions, and I will certainly be engaged on the issues at hand. Most importantly, I will listen to the public and hear what their concerns are. I’ve always been a fish guy, and I believe that fisheries will continue to be the economic engine of this community. We should continue to support and assist the seafood industry, the working waterfront and support sector business of the community. The importance of the fisheries resources are also vital to the local residents who participate in subsistence and sports fishing activities and I will support funding  for  salmon weirs that would give us much needed data on local river watersheds.   

I will continue to support quality of life projects in the community.  Included would be strong support for the Unalaska City School District where I serve as a School Board Member. We also have a whole host of other concerns in the community that need to be addressed such as affordable housing and what role the City can play by partnering with other Unalaska landowners and organizations. I will also address Unalaska Marine Center upgrades, and continued support for road paving projects.  Also high on my list is looking into alternative energy projects, and determining what role the City can have in assisting in technology upgrades for the community. Unalaska will have to fund more projects with locally generated revenues, due to the fiscal crisis in Alaska, and the reduction in federal dollars.  As many of you know I have been a dedicated community member who has been an advocate for Unalaska for many years; and I hope to continue to serve Unalaska as Mayor. I would ask for your support, and encourage everyone to vote on Tuesday October 4th, 2016.

Thank You