City Council Seat F: Alejandro "Bong" Tungul

Sep 22, 2018

Bong Tungul is hoping to retain City Council Seat F.

Hello, My name is Alejandro “Bong” Tungul. I have spent 39 of my 58 years of life as a resident of Unalaska. I am happily married to Rita Cunanan Tungul with 4 children born and raised in Alaska. Jason Tungul is my only son and the first born, followed by three beautiful daughters: Felicia, Claudine and Alleri. I am an active and responsible family man who is very much involved in my children’s school functions and extracurricular activities.

My community involvement is wide ranging, including but not limited to facilitating community fund raisers, coaching multiple sports held at the local community center and supporting the Catholic Church.

I have greatly contributed to the safety and development of the Unalaska community throughout the years. Not only have I served as a member of the Unalaska City council for five consecutive years, I also spent seven years with the Unalaska Volunteer Fire Fighter Association, and am one of the founders of the Filipino American Association of Unalaska.

My only motivation for running again this year is to give back to my home town. I will work to continue the time honored traditions of the Unalaska community by crafting an environment of positivity, camaraderie and goodwill. I will continue to work tirelessly to provide safety and support for all members of the Unalaska community, regardless of age or origin. My top priorities are to develop a thriving economy, improve on the town infrastructure and cultivate positive and loving relationships with the residents of Unalaska bringing forth a prosperous future. There is nothing more rewarding than providing wisdom and direction to the community that opened their arms to my family.

Please don’t forget to go to the City Hall on Oct. 2 to cast your vote.  Thank you and God Bless.