Cause Of Unalaska Truck Fire Under Investigation

Apr 5, 2019

A truck caught fire April 4 on Unalaska's Airport Beach Road. No one was injured in the incident, which is under investigation by the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services.
Credit Nathaniel Buesing

No one was injured in a truck fire that erupted Thursday on Unalaska's Airport Beach Road.

The incident occurred on the straightaway below Bunker Hill just after 11:30 a.m.

Resident Nathaniel Buesing witnessed the blaze.

"I heard the police siren going off," he said. "I looked out my window and saw a truck on fire, so I decided to video it."

That video shows the hood and cab of a white pickup engulfed in flames while a big cloud of black smoke billows into the air.

It also captures the arrival of emergency responders — and what sounds like the pop of a small explosion.

Fire Chief Ramona Thompson said her team was on-scene by 11:41 a.m. to douse the flames. By that point, the truck's driver had already fled the vehicle. 

"We do not know what caused the fire," said Thompson. "That's still under investigation."

She said she was happy with firefighters' response, which took less than 20 minutes.