Another Power Outage Hits Unalaska While City Waits For New Equipment

Nov 26, 2019

To minimize electrical outages, the City of Unalaska ordered new potential transformers over the summer.
Credit KUCB Staff

An unplanned electrical outage on Monday left Unalaska without power for more than an hour and a half.

The city-wide outage was caused by a failed transfer switch on East Point Road around 1 p.m., according to the city's Public Utilities Director, Dan Winters.

The failed E9 switch on East Point Road caused a city-wide power outage on Monday afternoon.
Credit Unalaska Department of Public Utilities

"It took awhile to find out where the ground fault," he said. "Each component from the powerhouse to the ground fault needs to be tested."

Power was restored around 2:30 p.m., and the failed components were replaced. But the outage marked the latest in a long string dating back to June and July. 

Winters said the city is still waiting on new potential transformers that were ordered over the summer. The equipment is being made to the city's specifications, with thicker insulation to protect the electrical connection and minimize short-outs.

"Once these potential transformers are replaced, I believe it's going to take care of the problem," said Winters. "We've had engineers on the issue to find out what the problem is, and we all agree that [the transformers] are the issue."

The city has received one of its new transformers. Winters said it'll be installed as soon as the other three arrive.

"As far as that issue goes, it shouldn't cause us headaches anymore," he said.