Annual Ballyhoo Mountain Run

Jul 26, 2016

Credit Laura Kraegel

The Annual Ballyhoo Mountain Run took place on Saturday. In beautiful sunny weather, 34 racers conquered the 1,600 ft. summit. 

This year, Beatriz Dietrick broke the women’s record with a time of 31:35. The previous women’s record holder was Chris Craemer, with a time of 34:52 in 2008.

The medalists are:

Adult Men
1st place: Jack Olson
2nd place: Evan Hager
3rd place: Andres Ayures

Adult Women
1st place: Beatriz Dietrick
2nd place: Kat Phillips
3rd place: Patti Haase

Teen Boys
1st place: Scout Whittern
2nd place: Sean Conwell

Youth Boys1st place: Skyler Whittern
2nd place: Deklan Nettleton
3rd place: Tegan Joosse

Youth Girls
1st place: Dalyla Nettleton
2nd place: Corynn Lekanoff