American Flag Stolen From Unalaska's Post Office

Jun 21, 2018

An American flag was stolen Monday night from the Unalaska post office, according to Postmaster Jamesa Marino-Tickle. She's asking the culprit to return it, no questions asked.
Credit Berett Wilber/KUCB

Unalaska's postmaster is pleading for return of an American flag that has disappeared from its pole outside the Unalaska post office.

"On Monday night, somebody stole it," said Postmaster Jamesa Marino-Tickle. "They cut the rope and they stole the flag."

The 4-by-10-foot flag was only hoisted last month, after its broken pole stood bare for more than a decade. Marino-Tickle said the post office worked with the city to repair it in time for Memorial Day.

"It was a sense of pride, having this flag up at long last after 15-plus years," she said. "Then it was a bit devastating to note that someone had just gone and helped themselves to it."

Marino-Tickle is asking the culprit to return the flag, no questions asked. She's also buying a new rope in hopes that it'll be returned and flown again.