After Delays, GCI Aims To Launch Unalaska’s 4G LTE Service By Feb. 28

Feb 20, 2018

GCI is upgrading three towers in Unalaska, including one on Haystack Hill.
Credit Berett Wilber/KUCB

After missing another of its own deadlines, GCI has set a new launch date for Unalaska’s 4G LTE service.

Vice President Dan Boyette said the telecommunications company is now aiming for Feb. 28.

He plans to confirm the launch on Feb. 26. 

“I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to hit these new dates,” said Boyette in an email to KUCB. “But I know I’ve said that to you before, so I’d understand if you are skeptical.”

GCI first promised a faster, more reliable mobile network — including data — by the end of 2017. But Boyette said construction snags pushed the launch date back to mid-February.

He said the recent delays come as technicians are still testing the system.

“We are doing the modeling work needed to make sure we turn up LTE services with the right capacity, so we don’t inadvertently cause more problems,” he said.