16% Of Pollock Quota Harvested After First Month Of 'B' Season

Jul 11, 2018

So far, fishermen have caught 116,031 metric tons of Bering Sea pollock, according to the National Marine Fisheries Service. The total "B" season quota is 731,804 metric tons.
Credit NOAA Fishwatch

A month into pollock "B" season, fishermen have caught about 16 percent of the quota.

That's a bit of a slow start, according to Krista Milani of the National Marine Fisheries Service. At this time last year, the fleet had taken about 22 percent of the total harvest.

So far, 67 boats have participated in the fishery — a dozen fewer than last year.

"This is likely due to vessels being busy with other things at the start of the fishery," said Milani. "We tend to see participation go up as the season goes on."

In 2016, pollock accounted for the bulk of Dutch Harbor's seafood landings, worth $198 million in total.

"B" season will close Nov. 1 by regulation.