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No 8th Grader is an Island

Unalaska City School's 8th graders spent the semester experimenting with different ways to tell stories. Mr. Smith and Mr. Greenly helped the Technical Writing class learn how to use sound to create personal narratives.

Made in collaboration between KUCB, Unalaska City School and Report for America.

Latest Episodes
  • Stereotypes permeate our world. But how often do you explore how they affect your life? Three Unalaska 8th graders decided to examine one specific stereotype that permeates their world.
  • Unalaska has two grocery stores: Alaska Ship Supply and Safeway. But is the island big enough for the both of 'em?
  • A teenage girl entering high school reflects on family and time, as her older brother leaves high school and joins the United States Navy.
  • In today’s episode, KC Presley, Andrea Torres, and Izabella Lopez bring you a soundscape of island sounds, and letters exploring the often conflicting feelings that can come from living in this unique place.
  • In the first episode of No 8th Grader is an Island, we examine one element of island life: what it's like to be a woman in the fishing industry. Dalyla Nettleton, Beatrice Bagley, and Corynn Lekanoff interviewed Asia Vernon, one of the owners of Keepin’ it Reel Charters Unlimited.