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Unalaskans Donate 671 Pounds of Groceries To St. George

Patrick Pletnikoff

Community members recently organized a food drive for the community of St. George.  The drive brought in 671 pounds of groceries, including 12 turkeys and two hams.  The St. George Relief Fund (SGRF) organized the food drive.  SGRF is a non-profit that was formed in order to provide emergency relief to St. George village in the Pribilof Islands.  

The Unalaska Christian Fellowship church was instrumental in supporting the formation of the SGRF as a non-profit last year.  They also received financial start-up assistance from St. Christopher by the Sea Catholic Church, and local donors from around the community.

John Honan originally became aware of the village’s needs when he met the mayor of St. George, Pat Pletnikoff. When Honan met with Pletnikoff, they discussed the needs of St. George and brainstormed ways that residents of Unalaska could help.  Initially, Honan – often with additional Unalaskans accompanying him - visited St. George twice a month to evaluate community needs and bring groceries.  

Honan was enthusiastic about the local response to the recent drive. He said, “the Thanksgiving food drive was really great, and we want to thank the community for being so generous.”  Specifically, he thanked Grant Aviation, Safeway, Alaska Ship Supply, LFS, the City of Unalaska Public Works Powerhouse, the Unalaska Christian Fellowship Congregation, and all of the individuals who contributed. 

The community of St. George was grateful for the support, and Mayor Pat Pletnikoff submitted this letter to KUCB, thanking John Honan and the SGRF team:

Thank you very much for all the food donated by your congregation and the community of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. Once again, you and your community recognized the needs of our community and took positive action. This is not something new, as you and your good people have been responsive to the needs of others. Your kindness and active concern for our community has built good will that we at St. George will not forget. You and your community have brought joy and happiness in our lives and in our celebration of giving thanks for the abundant blessings we have come to realize. You and your community are responsible for making this possible. We really appreciate this along with the many other donations. May our Lord God bless you and your community abundantly for remembering us. 

Honan has made a total of ten trips so far and will be flying out again in December to deliver Christmas gifts for the children and more groceries.  Last Christmas, St. Christopher by the Sea, Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox church, and other anonymous individuals were able to purchase gifts for all the children on the island.   If anyone would like to donate to this year’s effort, contact John Honan at 359-2675.  

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