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In Memoriam: Trey Henning

Henning Family

January 22, 1999 – February 25, 2020

Son of Monica and Joe Henning, Trey was the third of eleven children. He was a lifelong resident of Unalaska, Alaska and graduated from Unalaska High School in the year 2017.

On February 25, 2020 Trey was buried in an avalanche near the quarry on Overland Drive while solo snowmachining after work. 

He is survived by his parents, Joe and Monica; siblings, Joseph, Teressa, Seth, Blaine, Kirsten, Jetta, Cache, Rogue, Lincoln, and Tiffany; nieces Peytlin and Emily; step nephews Jacob and Jameslee; maternal grandparents John and Helen Mears; paternal grandparents Howard and Janice Henning; 9 uncles, 10 aunts, and many cousins between the Henning and Mears family. 

Trey is remembered as someone who knew how to be himself. He embodied humbleness and silent devotion. He was a silent leader to himself, family, and peers. These qualities were seen through his actions. At school, he served as Captain, and later Coach, of the wrestling team setting examples to those that would follow him. He was caring of the people he led and strived to see them succeed and even surpass him. At home, he was a brother and a best friend to his siblings. At work, he showed humility to learn from his mentors. He was highly competitive, but was not the type to over react. His ability to rise above and succeed in whatever he so chose was only a symptom of his selfless work ethic. On top of that, he knew how to play.

Known to be an adventurer, Trey spent his time having fun. He loved his tools for adventure which involved his snow machine, snowboard, dirt bike, boat, truck, wrestling shoes, and of course, himself. He often brought friends and family along and never failed to share great memories through his graceful recklessness and light humor.

Trey was never too proud to listen, hear others, or befriend them. He was never too proud to feel as though he had to prove anything beyond who and what he was. Lastly, he was never too proud to try something new. It was through this that he was able to experience as much fun, laughter, improvement, wonder, and discovery as he did. 

Trey left us with such a subtle, yet powerful impact. An organic human being with an enormous smile and unforgettable laughter, he remains dearly loved by his family, friends, and community.